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    Steven Forrest Live Events Calendar

    Palm Springs, CA

    Palm Springs, CA

    January 17-19, 2020

    Topic: Love's Inner Alchemy

    ***New Spots Just Added! - Registration Open.***

    Finding the perfect partner” sounds like a great idea – but if you are crazy, simply locating that person will not help you very much. Intimacy starts with evolutionary work you do inside yourself. Where are your intimate blind spots? What do you not want to see about your own nature? Where does your woundedness take a bite out of your wisdom about who is actually right for you?

    Synastry – the astrology of relationships – usually centers on the comparison of two birthcharts. That’s like starting college before you have gone to high school. In this workshop, Steven will focus on three critical areas in the context of the individual chart. First, we consider the unique intimate requirements of your own soul. What are you learning? Passion? Peace? Trust? Independence?

    Second, we decipher your chart’s warnings regarding anything that might be blocking you from getting it right.

    Finally, we explore how your chart describes your natural mate – that is to say, how, amazingly, woven into the symbolism of your birthchart, we find a description of someone with whom you share a soul contract – someone who might not even have been born yet when you took your first breath.

    “Mates” and “partners” are words that make us think of coupling relationships, but the principles we explore in this workshop also apply to that human masterpiece: the soul-bond between dear friends.

    We will of course honor all the gender variations, as men and women struggle to love each other and themselves, whatever physical guise their souls are wearing.

    January 17-19,2020
    Location: The Kimpton Rowan Hotel*

    We meet Friday at 7pm for an informal get together on the hotel rooftop. The formal workshop takes place Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

    $485 (Lodging and meals not included.)
    $200 nonrefundable deposit holds your spot (balance due November 30)
    No part of the registration fee is refundable after November 30. 

    Register or Pay Your Balance Due Here

    *Note on Lodging:
    The Kimpton is an upscale boutique hotel and we do not have a discount room block. They typically sell out in January. There are many lodging options within walking distance. Try the following: Palm Mountain Resort and Spa, Hotel Zoso, Andreas Hotel and Spa, Hyatt Palm Springs, Casa Cody B&B, Avalon Hotel. We also highly recommend Villa Royale, which is about a 20 min. walk or 5 min. ride from the event hotel. There are Airbnb options too.

    Borrego Springs, CA

    Borrego Springs, CA

    JANUARY 31 - FEBRUARY 2, 2020

    Only 11 students per class! 

    Join Steven for a very special weekend workshop for advanced apprentice students who wish to attain the “Master Astrologer” designation. This hands-on workshop is only open to 11 students.

    Read more

    Seattle, WA

    May 21-25, 2020

    Steven presents two lectures, a keynote address and a post-conference workshop at the annual Northwest Astrology Conference (NORWAC) in Seattle, WA. 

    Details and registration

    Lilydale, NY

    August 22-24, 2020

    Steven presents a 3-day workshop for Fellowships of the Spirit. 

    Topic: Stoking the Fires of Joy and Resilience

    Life is often difficult, but built into everyone’s spirit is a fountain of joy and resilience. If we can learn how to tap into it, we can heal from any loss, defeat, or sorrow, and come back stronger than ever. For each of us, a unique and personal  path to that spiritual buoyancy is discernible in the astrological birthchart. The map involves heeding the healing message of the Moon and the enlivening message of the Sun, along with learning to dance to the rhythm of our life-giving Fire planets.

    (Attendance counts for 3 points toward certification in Steven’s Astrological Apprenticeship Program)

    Register at Fellowships of the Spirit

    Denver, CO

    September 10-15, 2020

    Steven presents two lectures and a post-conference workshop for the ISAR Conference in Denver, CO. 

    Details and registration


    October 2020

    Annual meeting of the China Astrologer Apprentice Program.

    See for details

    Alpine, CA


    November 5-8, 2020

    Topic: t.b.d.

    Cost: $550 includes full lunch and breakfast snacks all four days and dinner celebration Saturday night.

    Workshop Times: 9:00-5:00pm all four days.

    To Register Contact: Ingrid and Paula

    details about registration, lodging and travel

    *Recommended Reading for this program: The Inner Sky

    This workshop is worth 4 Credits towards certification.