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    Steven Forrest Live Events Calendar

    Live Webinar

    Live Webinar

    June 1, 2019

    Steven presents a webinar for Astrology University: "Putting a Planet in a Sign and House."

    Join us for a nuts and bolts session where Steven will break down how to interpret a planet in a sign and house.

    Students often get confused by astrology books that equate planets, signs and houses. Which comes first? Which takes precedence? Do they mean the same things?

    Find out how Steven sorts through these common conundrums.

    Date: Saturday June 1, 2019
    Time: 9:00 am Pacific Time
    $25 ($30 if registered before May 28)

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    Durham, NC

    Durham, NC

    June 20-23, 2019

    ***Sold Out with large waitlist***

    Topic: The North Node - the Homeward Path.

    Join Steven for the last meeting of the NC apprentice program in this location.

    Sometimes an astrologer can get so mesmerized by the process of bringing a past life story to sharp focus via the analysis of the south node of the Moon that he or she almost forgets about the north node! That’s like diagnosing an illness but then forgetting to prescribe the medicine.

    The north node is where the answers lie. Like the north star, it guides us across life’s dark oceans, revealing the fresh path of energy, healing breakthrough, and evolution. An understanding of it is perhaps the single most precious catalyst astrology can provide for anyone. In this program, we will consider the north node’s message in terms of each of the signs and houses, along with the critical role of its planetary ruler and any aspects involved.

    By the way, to get maximum value from this this presentation, please be aware of the basics of south node analysis. We will assume that you have that foundation. This four-day workshop counts toward certification through Steven's astrology apprenticeship program. 

    RX: Your prescription is ready.

    Over our four days together, Doctor Forrest will write your North Node Rx. Have fun and fully embody your antidote by dressing as your North Node for our Saturday evening reception. Each year we gather at the Trinity Park home of Kathy Hallen and Fran Slavich for a tradition of food, fun, and great conversation. What better way to celebrate our final evening together than to express our North Nodes – our homeward path? You can dress in any way that is a personally meaningful interpretation of your NN. This may be an entire outfit, or a symbol or a prop – whatever you desire.

    9 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day

    COST: $575
    $100 non-refundable deposit will hold your place, payable with check or cc.

    Price includes: four days with Steven Forrest, four light breakfasts, three lunches, beverages, and a Saturday evening reception and meal hosted by Kathy Hallen and Fran Slavich. In addition, participants receive an MP3 audio recording of the entire 4-day workshop.

    CONTACT:, 919-475-3848
    ***Sold Out with large waitlist***

    Lodging and Location Information

    This workshop is worth 4 Credits towards certification.

    Rhinebeck, NY

    Rhinebeck, NY

    Omega Institute

    July 15-19, 2019

    Topic: Stepping Into Evolutionary Astrology

    Join Steven at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY for a 5-day astrology apprentice workshop.

    All astrologers describe the meaning of planetary configurations. But why do we have the ones we have? What is their origin and how can we best work with them?

    Evolutionary astrology moves us beyond mere description into the realm of true diagnosis and, even better, into healing prescription. We all find ourselves suspended halfway between the amoebas and the angels. What are the most skillful means available to each one of us for accelerating that evolutionary process? How can we get on with it?

    As miraculous as it seems, a map of the sky as it looked at the moment of your birth holds the answer.

    In this five-day program award-winning astrologer and author Steven Forrest introduces the core techniques of this branch of the craft. Half the program will involve practical demonstrations based on the charts of volunteers from the class. A basic knowledge of the vocabulary of signs, planets, and houses is assumed.

    This program is worth 4 credits toward certification in Steven’s astrological apprenticeship program – see his website for details. 

    COST: $450 plus lodging or commuter fee

    This workshop is approved for AP credit and is worth 4 Credits towards certification.

    Register through Omega here:

    Live Webinar

    August 17, 2019

    Steven presents a webinar for Astrology University: "Speed-reading the Karmic Signature."

    Date: Saturday August 17, 2019
    Time: 9:00 am Pacific Time
    $25 ($30 if registered before August 15)

    Registration opens soon.

    Petaluma, CA

    September 27 to October 1, 2019

    Topic: Creating The Actual Nodal Story

    Location: Earthrise Retreat Center, Petaluma, California
    Pricing: Rates vary. Contact Joyce for details.

    To register, please contact Joyce Van Horn at This program is always sold out in advance so please register early.

    The very heart of practical evolutionary astrology lies in the collision between the psychological and the metaphysical (past life) interpretation of the birthchart. To make the past life story come alive for the client, we need to present it in a lively, engaging fashion. We know the story is "made up," and we express that fact clearly to the client - but we also know that, if we do it right, the story we tell will parallel an actual unresolved drama from at least one prior lifetime, and that it will trigger a cathartic reaction which brings the therapeutic dimension of the interpretative process to fruition. Success here depends on two skills. First, we must have a solid grounding in the methodology of nodal analysis, the kind of material we have often covered in class and which is explored thoroughly in Steven's book, Yesterday's Sky. Second, we need to come up with a good, compelling tale, one that rivets clients' attention and pulls them right back into that charged space of emotional "remembering."

    In this class our focus will be on honing that second set of skills - the actual weaving of the karmic tale. Success here makes the difference between a wooden chart reading that leaves clients slightly glassy-eyed with its abstraction or clunkiness, versus one that leaves them feeling as if their guardian angels have just given them a spiritual booster shot. The art here is one of a controlled flight of creative imagination on the part of the astrologer. We look for evocative metaphor, engaging imagery, and edge-of-the-seat drama, all the while being scrupulously careful that we remain within the limits of the cardinal rule - that nothing significant in the story we weave is unsupported in the technical analysis.

    In these four days, we will briefly review nodal theory, but mostly we will be developing the more "literary" dimensions of this critical piece of our art. As ever, the Sorting Hat will reign - we will pull the names of class members who volunteer out of the hat, and apply ourselves to creating a past-life tale that resonates with those deep, forgotten mysteries from long ago.

    *Recommended pre-requisites for this program: Read The Inner Sky and watch Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology

    Learn more about the bi-annual Astrology Apprentice Retreat in Calistoga on the NoCal Program home page.

    For general information about Steven’s apprenticeship program, visit our Astrologer Apprentice Program page.

    This workshop is worth 4 Credits towards certification.

    Program Costs  include 4 days of teaching, food and lodging. There are both shared and private rooms. Private rooms may still be available for an additional cost, but are limited.  Please contact Joyce Van Horn for details and room availability at
    To Hold Your Space: A deposit of $600 is required to hold your space. To register, please contact Joyce Van Horn at

    Alpine, CA

    Alpine, CA


    November 7-10, 2019

    Topic: Taking in the Big Picture

    In our recent classes, we have been exploring astrological specifics: Jupiter and Saturn, for example, or the north node of the Moon. All of that is very specific, narrowly-focused material. Understanding it precisely and viscerally is the foundation of effective astrological practice. But, taken alone, such specific, detailed knowledge can be a dead-end. It is as if we have been looking at astrology through a microscope. It is time to try a telescope. 

    Read more

    Palm Springs, CA

    Palm Springs, CA

    January 17-19, 2020

    Topic: Love's Inner Alchemy

    ***Sold out!*** Contact us to get on the waitlist

    Finding the perfect partner” sounds like a great idea – but if you are crazy, simply locating that person will not help you very much. Intimacy starts with evolutionary work you do inside yourself. Where are your intimate blind spots? What do you not want to see about your own nature? Where does your woundedness take a bite out of your wisdom about who is actually right for you?

    Synastry – the astrology of relationships – usually centers on the comparison of two birthcharts. That’s like starting college before you have gone to high school. In this workshop, Steven will focus on three critical areas in the context of the individual chart. First, we consider the unique intimate requirements of your own soul. What are you learning? Passion? Peace? Trust? Independence?

    Second, we decipher your chart’s warnings regarding anything that might be blocking you from getting it right.

    Finally, we explore how your chart describes your natural mate – that is to say, how, amazingly, woven into the symbolism of your birthchart, we find a description of someone with whom you share a soul contract – someone who might not even have been born yet when you took your first breath.

    “Mates” and “partners” are words that make us think of coupling relationships, but the principles we explore in this workshop also apply to that human masterpiece: the soul-bond between dear friends.

    We will of course honor all the gender variations, as men and women struggle to love each other and themselves, whatever physical guise their souls are wearing.

    January 17-19,2020
    Location: The Kimpton Rowan Hotel*

    We meet Friday at 7pm for an informal get together at the hotel. The formal workshop takes place Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

    $435 earlybird rate ($485 after August 31) Lodging and meals not included.
    $200 nonrefundable deposit holds your spot (balance of $235 due November 15)

    Register or Pay Your Balance Due Here*
    *Sold out. Contact us to get on the waitlist

    *Note on Lodging:
    The Kimpton is an upscale boutique hotel and we do not have a room block. They typically sell out in January. There are many lodging options within walking distance. Try the following: Palm Mountain Resort and Spa, Hotel Zoso, Andreas Hotel and Spa, Hyatt Palm Springs, Casa Cody B&B, Avalon Hotel. We also highly recommend Villa Royale, which is about a 20 min. walk or 5 min. ride from the event hotel. There are Airbnb options too.  

    Borrego Springs, CA

    Borrego Springs, CA

    JANUARY 31 - FEBRUARY 2, 2020

    Only 11 students per class! 

    Join Steven for a very special weekend workshop for advanced apprentice students who wish to attain the “Master Astrologer” designation. This hands-on workshop is only open to 11 students.

    Read more