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    Steven Forrest Live Events Calendar

    Port Stephens, Australia

    Port Stephens, Australia

    Australia AP Retreat
    July 30 – August 3, 2018

    Topic: Generations

    Historical and mythic changes affect us all very personally, but in contemplating them we are like mosquitoes watching a glacier melt and fade.  Even though we are all swept along in its currents, the pace of cultural evolution is just too slow for us to see it clearly.  Meanwhile, the very meaning of the astrological symbols is shifting under our feet. What 1856 interpretation of “Mars in a woman’s chart” would have any relevance today? How has our understanding of sexual orientation changed? Or national boundaries, religion, race, the natural environment, or the human future? What has psychology contributed to how we understand ourselves and our lives?

    Not much of that existed when my grandparents were kids.

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    Lilydale, NY

    Fellowships of the Spirit
    August 18-20, 2018

    Steven will present a 3-day workshops:
    Predictive Astrology Practicum: Creating the Future

    Spend a three-day weekend with master astrologer Steven Forrest leaning to integrate “predictive” theory with the sacred wild cards of true spiritual evolution. On Saturday, we will explore the theory behind transits, progressions, and solar arcs. Sunday and Monday, we will draw class members names from a hat, throw their current charts up on a screen, and learn how to apply all the principles in practice.

    Fellowships of the Spirit

    The future of a moving billiard ball can be foreseen with great accuracy. We humans, having consciousness and free-will, are far less predictable. In evolutionary astrology, all the events impacting one’s chart are ultimately understood as questions, not as answers. Those possible answers include some dumb ones that happen automatically if we are lazy as well as wonderful ones that are available with conscious effort and wise intentions.

    Anyone attending this class will receive credits toward certification in Steven’s Astrological Apprenticeship Program

    Location: Fellowships of the Spirit Lakeside Learning Center
    282 Dale Drive
    Cassadaga, NY 14718 (Map)

    This workshop is worth 3 credits towards certification. See certification information for details.

    Details & Registration

    Petaluma, CA

    Northern California Apprenticeship Program
    September 28 through October 2, 2018


    “Lucky” Jupiter and “unlucky” Saturn – that attitude toward these two massive planets, while extremely common among conventional astrologers, has created an enormous amount of confusion. Glowing promises about Jupiter have often led only to disappointment, while baleful predictions about Saturn have often actually manifested as “Great Works” reflecting enormous productivity, inspiration and achievement. Like everything else in astrology, each of these planets can be used for positive evolutionary purposes – and, when aligned with human folly, each one can lead to catastrophe.

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    Alpine, CA

    Southern California Apprenticeship Program
    November 1-4, 2018

    Topic: WHEN THE KARMIC WAVE BREAKS: Transits, Progressions and Solar Arcs of the Nodal Axis

    The Moon’s south node represents karma that has ripened. That means it will definitely manifest in this lifetime – but exactly when? The answer lies with a particular family of transits, progressions and solar arcs, each with their own personality and purpose. Studying them in depth is the purpose of the November meeting of our Apprenticeship Program.

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    Palm Springs, CA

    Palm Springs, CA

    Astrology Apprenticeship Program Weekend Workshop
    Nov. 30 through Dec. 2, 2018

    Astrological Timing: Solar Arcs

    In this weekend workshop Steven will introduce the theory and practice of solar arcs to complete our three-part series on timing that started with Transits and Progressions.

    Solar Arcs operate like the genetic code of a seed. Similar to Progressions, they are an internal developmental clock hard-wired into your birthchart. Certain possibilities arise right on schedule as you come to the evolutionary crossroads they mark, just as an oak tree might sprout green leaves every Spring and watch them turn to red and gold each Autumn. Solar arcs are reliable, and no astrologer doing “current development” work is playing with a full deck without them.

    The theory behind Solar Arcs is simple: take the number of degrees the Sun has progressed on a given date and add that same “arc” to the rest of the planets. With the Sun progressing about one degree per year, the distance any planet has moved by this technique is a number of degrees pretty close to your age in years. You can even do Solar Arcs in your head at night if have trouble sleeping.

    Because they are linked to Sun, they have a “solar” nature. That means that Solar Arcs are quite directly related to the obvious biographical realities of life. In other words, they “work” in a  concrete way, even though they lack some of the psychological depth of Progressions. In practice, along with Transits and Progressions, Solar Arcs complete the powerful trinity of techniques that are at the heart of astrological prediction.

    In this class, we will briefly introduce the theory of Solar Arcs, then work with each planet individually, along with the Angles of the chart. We will pay special attention to the all-important Solar Arcs of the nodal axis as they mark the times when “the karmic wave will break” in your life. By the time we are finished, you will have working knowledge of this technique which you can apply to your own chart or those of your friends and clients.

    Schedule Logistics
    Morning sessions will feature "information transmission" and afternoons will be dedicated to Q&A with Steven to facilitate integration of the morning's teaching. We will have an informal get together Saturday evening after dinner. 

    This workshop is worth 2 credits towards certification. See certification information for details.


    Date: Nov. 30 through Dec. 2, 2018
    Times: Friday night from 7-9pm; Saturday and Sunday from 9-5pm.
    Location: ACE Hotel in Palm Springs, CA*
    Cost: $425 (if registered by Oct. 31; $475 thereafter). Lodging and meals not included.
    $200 deposit holds your spot ($50 of that is non-refundable).

    Register Now

    Email Tony with questions or leave a message at 760-767-4720.

    About Lodging

    *The ACE Hotel

    You may book rooms at the ACE Hotel for a 10% discount between June and September 1. Call to book and mention the Steven Forrest Astrology Retreat for the discount rate

    The ACE Hotel is a lovingly restored mid-century modern treasure. In a perfect location close to downtown but far enough to have a more peaceful vibe, and nestled up close to the mountains, the ACE has a bohemian-chic aesthetic. Most of the rooms surround the beautiful community pool area. Some rooms come with patios or fireplaces.

    The ACE has a lively, hip atmosphere, a bar and a restaurant. They offer several entertainment options throughout the week, and there's always something fun happening in the Amigo room at night to help you wind down, including a locally-popular trivia night, bingo, crafting, karaoke and live music.

    ACE Hotel Palm Springs

    You can also find additional lodging options nearby on Airbnb and there are many amazing hotels in the area. 

    Borrego Springs, CA

    Borrego Springs, CA

    Astrology Apprenticeship Master Class
    February 1-3, 2019

    Only 12 students per class! Contact Tony to reserve your spot.

    Join Steven for a very special weekend workshop for advanced apprentice students who wish to attain the “Master Astrologer” designation. This hands-on workshop is only open to 12 students.

    The intent of this workshop is to give students time to present material they would share during a reading and receive direct feedback from Steven and the other participants. This will be a small, supportive group of students who have Level 2 status that you will most likely know already from previous APs. The aim here is to provide a safe, supportive environment in order to help you improve your skills, and receive validation and positive constructive feedback.

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