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    Steven Forrest in Australia 2011 Forrest Astrology is the official home for the work of Steven Forrest, celebrated and internationally loved evolutionary astrologer. Steven has been working as an astrologer professionally for over 40 years, has written several classic best-selling astrology books, and travels around the world teaching his practical and transformative style of astrology. Steven is committed to teaching and practicing his own style of responsible, inspiring, and choice-centered astrology. The Forrest Astrology website features Steven's teaching, including free articles and videos, as well as official study materials in the form of audio downloads, videos, books, and webinars.

    Our publishing company is called Seven Paws Press and features astrology titles as well as norse mythology, mystery and spirituality titles. We also feature titles published by our sister company Raven Dreams Press.

    Our Team

    Steven Forrest
    Steven ForrestAstrologer & Founder


    Tony Howard
    Tony HowardAstrologer & Manager


    Rob Paul
    Rob PaulCustomer Support


    Carol Czeczot
    Katie SloanCustomer Support & Admin