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    Steven Forrest

    Steven’s intention is to continue doing personal astrological work as long as he is able to, but for now he regrets that he is no longer accepting any more requests for private readings. Given his age and the crazy lengths of his existing current waiting lists, he no longer feels that it is fair to continue adding names. (The wait for his in-person work has grown to about eight years and for the recordings it is even longer.) Further complicating the problem, Steven also feels that it is time to concentrate more on legacy work – teaching and writing – which reduces the time available for personal work. His intention is to honor his existing requests for readings – if you are on the list, he does hope to be able to get you sooner or later. He has also trained many astrologers in his methods.

    Steven has also trained many astrologers in his methods. Here is a directory of them: Book with one of the wonderful astrologers Steven has personally trained