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    Steven ForrestSteven does personal readings in two ways: in-person in Borrego Springs CA or recorded and emailed as an MP3 file. (He never works on the phone or via Skype.) There are long waiting lists for both kinds of reading. Both kinds are $350 and run about two hours in length, or a bit longer for the in-person work.

    TO BE ADDED TO EITHER OF STEVEN'S WAITING LISTS please email him directly at

    IN PERSON: Borrego Springs is just over an hour from Palm Springs, and about two hours northeast of San Diego. Inquire via for details. Currently the waiting list runs about two years.

    RECORDED: At your scheduled appointment date, Steven will record your reading and email you the sound file on the same day. Currently the waiting list runs about three to four years in length. Inquire via for details

    Need a reading now? Try one of the wonderful astrologers Steven has personally trained