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    We've arranged the following useful links by category, so scroll down this long page and enjoy...

    Astrologer Referrals

    Visit our Directory of Astrologers trained by Steven Forrest

    Want to find an astrologer near you? Visit

    Astrology Software

    Steven uses and recommends Matrix Astrology's Winstar Pro Software for PC. Winstar Pro includes a full range of software, including Horizons, a great program for location-based astrology.

    Steven also sometimes refers to Solar Fire but mainly uses Winstar in his practice. Both programs are available for the PC.

    Looking for software for your Mac? Try Time Passages. Astrograph also offers an astrology app for the iPad and iPhone. Features traditional astrology software Delphic Oracle and birth chart analysis tips based on Greek, Medieval and Renaissance sources.

    Astrology Reports

    Looking for a free chart? or a free sample report? See Astrodienst at

    Computer-Genterated Astrology Reports: If you like Steven's work, try one of our written reports by Steven Forrest. Reports include the natal report The Sky Within, and the popular SkyLog annual transits report.

    Interactive Astrolocation Maps: Ralph Macintyre, a graduate from Steven's Apprentice Program, has created an interactive Astrolocality map. The map displays all of the major lines used in Astrolocation astrology: Astro*Carto*Graphy, Local Space, Geodetic and Paran lines. When you order your personalized map, you get a link you can use to navigate around the world, displaying and hiding the lines you want. The map also includes descriptions of each line's influence. Order Your Map or Get More Info

    *Note: PLEASE DO NOT ORDER REPORTS from the website THESKYWITHIN.COM. WE DO NOT OPERATE THAT WEBSITE. We have heard many complaints from customers of theirs who have never received their reports. Order directly from us instead.


    For Steven Forrest Trained astrologers, visit our directory.

    Antero Alli is an astrologer videographer and nouveau-tarot maker. His book Astrologik is recommended.

    Rob Hand - ARHAT (Association for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts). ARHAT publish translations of ancient astrological texts, and analyses of older techniques geared for the modern reader.

    Demetra George for asteroids and Traditional Astrology. 

    Mark Jones is an Evolutionary Astrologer in the Jeffrey Wolf Greene style. He is also a trained counselor and teacher.

    Jodie Forrest gives readings and teaches Evolutionary Astrology.

    Chart Rectification

    If you don't know your birth time, a trained rectification expert can reverse-engineer your birth time using events from your life. Rectification works best if you know the birth time at least within a 6-hour window.

    Shirley Waram offers rectification at very reasonable rates, and can do most rectifications for as little as $125 if you know your birth time within a 3-hour window.

    Jodie Forrest offers rectification.

    General Astrology Sites

    Astrology University Learn astrology with some of the best astrologers teaching today. Featuring many certification programs and online distance astrology courses:

    Astrology Database: Don't miss!  Want to know about the charts ofthousands of famous people?  Here's where to start...  Tons of birth data, with information about how reliable its sources are, lively discussion about personalities of the day, and an 
    email list.

    Cosmic Circumstances is a free weekly email astrology report written by Steven Robins

    Dawn Mountain Press - Books on Astrology, Dreams, and Spiritual Psychology by astrologer Greg Bogart, Ph.D.

    Eve Tait's Custom Wooden Natal Charts
    These charts are laser engraved and painted on wood grain and custom framed in solid Aspen Wood. Framed, they measure approximately 7.25" by 11.25" and the thickness of the frame is 3/4". This comprehensive site is dedicated to Vedic astrology. 

    Kepler College of Astrological Arts & Sciences in Seattle, WA.

    Follow the Lunar Phases at Astrolgraph: The "Astrograph: Astrology for Human"

    The Mountain Astrologer, astrological journal with an impressive variety of articles, geared for students and professionals alike.

    Sun Sign Astrology videos

    Interested in Vedic astrology? Try Get a free Vedic mini report with an image of your Vedic astrology chart, or buy a detailed report. Jodie was impressed with their  report on her chart. Also, take a look at their free tutorial on Vedic astrology.

    Astronomy and Space Art Sites

    This one is a central clearinghouse of space info, written so anyone can understand it, and it's big fun, too. You can sign up to be emailed with the newest astronomy news!

    NASA's website. Great astronomical photos from their probes, and up-to-date information about their programs.

    Then there's the Novagraphics Space Art Gallery, beautifully and imaginatively going where few artists have gone before...

    Jodie Tighe's paintings of deep space objects:


    Pema Chodron


    Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

    Dalai Lama


    Norse, Pagan, Wiccan and Medieval

    One of the very best and best maintained Wiccan sites on the Internet: 
    Of major importance to the Wiccan community. Links to local organizations, editiorials, community assistance, etc.

    "Ancient Nordic Spirituality" by Dag Rossman

    In the SCA? Curious about medieval history for any other reason? For an excellence reference site to medieval history in general, try the Internet Medieval Sourcebook. It has some medieval texts excerpted, and tons of other data.

    Want some retreat time in a supportive pagan/ Wiccan setting? Try:

    ANAM Holistic Healing, Dowsing and Shamanic Practice Ireland  Resources for holistics, dowsing, divining and shamanic healing land practices in Ireland - including therapies, courses, articles, holidays and sacred site guided tours.  Email Joe Mullaly, 

    Baladi Jewelry specializes in Norse Rune jewelry: rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings in 14k yellow and white gold, platinum, and sterling silver.

    Thorr's Hammer features Thor's hammers, Valknuts, rune pendants, and more.

    Indulge your inner pagan and celebrate your birthday all year long with
    Skyhenge Monumental Jewelry - beautiful gemstone jewelry, custom-aligned to your natal chart - made with gemstones chosen by you - necklaces,  bracelets, and earrings.