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    Steven Forrest offers several courses, workshops and lectures that can be combined to cater to your specific study intentions. Below you'll find links to suggested courses based on your goals. Select your study goal below to see our recommended list of courses, reading material, and order of study.

    Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology online course

    This introductory course is intended for students who have some basic astrological knowledge but want to learn Steven's method of Evolutionary Astrology.

    Take the course!

    Astrology for Personal Growth

    Are you interested in astrology mainly for personal growth? Have you experienced the uncanny power of astrology to shed insight on your inner (and outer) life dynamics? You'd like to learn more, but you don't have an intention of becoming a professional astrologer just yet. This where to start!

    Study Guidelines - Astrology for Personal Growth


    Become an Astrologer through Online Study

    study astrologyWould you like to learn how to read the charts of friends and family, but you don't necessarily want to start an astrology business? Or maybe you are ready to work towards doing readings professionally. In either scenario, you'll need to learn the same astrological building blocks.

    Below is a course outline and suggested order of study for our online courses, workshops, webinars and lectures. You can work through this material at your own pace. 

    There are 4 main areas of focus to learn in preparation for giving readings. Each area of focus builds on the next. Keep in mind that you do not need to learn how to do each type of reading. For instance, you can establish a practice just doing natal chart readings, and refer out for people who want relationship readings. However, to do relationship readings, you'll need to master individual natal chart readings first, and astrological timing (if you're adding that to the mix).

    Once you have the basics down, you can choose your focus, and add more specializations as your knowledge grows.

    Choose your study goal for a list of available classes:

    We wish you the best in your studies. And we're here to help along the way. You can ask questions about specific course suggestions anytime - contact us today.

    The Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology

    Ready for a rigorous step-by-step program starting at zero and leading to astrological mastery? For those ready to make such a commitment, we encourage you to look into Steven’s online school (

    The learning experience at the FCEA involves active interaction with tutors, instructional videos made by Steven, assigned readings, specialized handouts, and exams. Steven also offers monthly live question-and-answer sessions via Zoom, and drops in on the tutoring sessions from time to time. We are online and international, but we aim for a warm sense of community.

    Don’t need the basics? Students who are already advanced have an opportunity to demonstrate their mastery and place out of the early classes. Feel more independent? There are options for taking the courses in more self-guided fashion. One can also join the FCEA in a less formal way simply as a “community member.”

    How is the FCEA different from Steven’s existing books and videos? In a word: structure. The learning is organized in a logical, sequential way. We make sure you don’t attempt your “senior year” classes before you taken your sophomore ones – and we make sure that you’ve got a solid grip on the freshman material before you take the next step.

    The Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology is focused specifically on teaching Steven’s unique approach to astrological interpretation. For a broader view of the wide spectrum of astrological practice, Steven recommends Astrology University. The FCEA is not a university in the same sense. Our focus is more narrow. We make a bee-line for a specific kind of mastery of a specific branch of professional-level astrology. We call ourselves “a trade school for the soul.” If Steven’s evolutionary approach speaks to you, please consider joining us.

    Steven Forrest teaching astrology