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    Following are guidelines for the study of astrological timing. In studying with Steven, you'll learn a different way of using the word "prediction."  With evolutionary astrology, we're learning how to predict the right questions and learning how to guide our clients to create the answers using free will. As Steven says, "It is our fate to face certain questions and certain possibilities at certain times.  How we respond to them is governed by consciousness, not by the planets." 

    To that end, we use two main timing techniques: transits and progressions.


    The following lectures will teach you how to use astrological timing methods in a transit or "year ahead" type of reading. It is recommended that you first grasp transits, and then add progressions when and if you feel ready. Many lectures will include descriptions of both transits and progressions. The synthesis of the archetypes is the same for both, but the technical details are different.

    Transits Special Topics


    *Includes interpretation of transits and progressions.

    Progressions and Solar Arcs

    The following lectures will help you learn how Steven works with Secondary Progressions and Solar Arcs.


    Advanced Chart Synthesis and Counseling Dynamics