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    Does my chart change if I move to a new location?

    What if I was born caesarean? Does that mean I have the wrong birth chart?

    Find out Steven's answer in this episode of his 20 Questions video series.

    If astrologers can see the future, why aren't they all rich?


    In this episode of his "20 Questions" series, Steven Forrest responds to the question "If astrologers can see the future, why aren't they all rich?"

    Is the Zodiac wrong? Are we different signs than we thought?


    Almost every year a story on the news tells us that astrologers have the zodiac wrong and that you're not the sign you thought you were. Steven addresses this recurring question and puts it to bed once and for all. 

    Career in the Birth Chart

    Marc Laurenson of the Sydney Astrology School chats with Steven about Career in the birth chart.

    The Awakeners - Capricorn Reporting for Duty in 2020

    The current planetary traffic jam in Capricorn will soon get even more crowded as Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto there in late 2019. Hear any echoes?

    A generation ago, something similar happened, as Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all passed through that same sign. Bottom line, kids born then – who are no longer kids today – are about to experience a once-in-a-lifetime astrological stimulus. Like “moles” in a spy novel, they are about to receive their wake-up call. This is their hour. They were born to change the world, and they are about to start work.

    Maybe you are one of these “Indigo children.” Maybe you love one of them. Join Steven for a 45 minute exploration of their destiny and their enormous, earth-shaking promise.

    How can astrology help you transcend your ego?


    Spiritual teachings are full of advice to transcend the ego, but astrology is about your ego. How can we reconcile this? Steven Forrest shares some thoughts in his latest installment of 20 Questions.

    Is Astrology a Religion?