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    Sally S.
    United States

    Fantastically Inspiring!

    I love the Element books! I've read EARTH and FIRE and have been so inspired to get down to business pursuing astrology as a career. These books are so entertaining and enlightening. Steven has so much insight and wit and a way of keeping all points of view in balance. Can't wait for the next one!

    Kristen J.
    United States United States

    The Book of Earth

    Loved the book—it was outstanding like all of Steven’s work. I did have an issue in the construction of the book itself. Some of the pages fell out almost immediately. Don’t care because I love the content.

    Kerri T.
    Canada Canada

    Excellent Book!!

    As always, Steven Forrest's book is as entertaining and fun to read as it is informative. I can't wait for the next one!!!

    Carol D.
    United States United States

    Book of Earth excellent as usual

    As a serious (and long time) student I have found SF's books the most helpful of almost any others I have studied over something like 40 years. However, as a VERY Water person, I am grateful for my several practical Earth placements, but rather lose my patience with almost every author including SF who portray Pisces, Neptune and the 12th House as rather unworldly, potentially ETOHA escapists (where are there any reliable statistics to support this?), given to visions and spirituality as a preoccupation . We live quite realistically in the concrete world just like the other 3 elements, hold demanding jobs, balance our checkbooks and rarely lose our housekeys. Admittedly we may be less assertive and more compassionate and perhaps less judgmental than some, but we are not nearly the spacey and incompetent fools that most make us out to be. I tend to write irritable notes in my various (9 of SF's thus far) when I so frequently read such calumny against my tribe and myself. May I also suggest that fellow-water persons in Cancer, to my experience, are indeed very nurturing to "their own", but NOT necessarily to those outside their immediate circle for whom they tend to be very possessive. My vision of Water is perhaps the strongest of the 4 elements: Cancer is rather like a lake which is contained within visible boundaries; Scorpio is rather like the ocean, never to be taken for granted and a potential source of gifts as yet unknown; and Pisces as moving water, as in creeks & rivers, no drop goes by twice which is why it is so hard, sometimes, to get to shore when you are caught in the current, NOT because we are on some sort of transcendental life quest. There, for better or for worse, is the essence of what I write in the margins. But, for all of that, I appreciate no other astrology author nearly as much as I have and will continue to study as SF. I greatly look forward to his last 2 "Element" books. I just hope that we both live long enough for him to finish writing and I to read the Air and the Water. He is my chosen mentor. CgD

    Shawn L.
    Canada Canada

    Real. Practical. Helpful. Masterful.

    As always, Steven Forrest’s mastery of astrology grounds this latest book in the Elements Series. He keeps it real and provokes practical strategies for improving one’s life on Earth. Sure, it’s an outstanding book for digging into the earth signs and becoming a better astrologer from the effort. It’s also a self-help book (knowingly or not) which plants seeds for workable solutions on how to attain our dreams. Forrest’s insights motivate to find the next mountain climbing adventure— one which promises to fulfill one's own earthly evolutionary intentions. What a blessing.