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    James B.
    United States United States
    Very Nuanced Discussions in Plain Language

    I can imagine the tradeoffs Mr. Forrest had to make about repeating or not repeating material about Mercury, Venus and Saturn from the Book of Earth. His decisions showed mature judgement on that regard. What I appreciated in particular was Mr. Forrest's exploration into the differences and tensions among the Air Signs. It definitely was a breath of fresh air from "they form natural trines, so they all get along quite well". The Book of water will definitely be on my purchase list.

    Heidi M.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Book of air

    Book of air is highly recommendent as are all of S.F starbooks

    kristen f.
    United States United States
    Connecting IT All

    Still absorbing this mind-provoking tome. I continue to admire and appreciate Steven’s ability to explain and retain… The element of air had always been of least interest to me as i have almost zero in my chart… yet, lo and behold - come to discover - it’s the air that ...

    Kathleen B.
    United States United States

    The book of Air is great! The best of the three so far. I only have two planets in Air but I seem to grasp the writing more clearly. Can't wait for the book of Water!!

    Shawn L.
    Canada Canada
    The biggest book in the series

    I loved that the Book of Air was larger than the other books in Steven’s most wonderful series of the elements. It made me chuckle and made sense. Besides the astrology, Steven, also, shares more wisdom about what it takes to become a good counseling astrologer. It’s a book to read from cover to cover. Aquarius, Libra and Gemini, Uranus, Venus and Mercury! You’ll love them more than ever. The Book of Air gave me lots to think about and lots to talk about with friends and loved ones. A great value.

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