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    If astrologers can see the future, why aren't they all rich?


    In this episode of his "20 Questions" series, Steven Forrest responds to the question "If astrologers can see the future, why aren't they all rich?"

    Career in the Birth Chart

    Marc Laurenson of the Sydney Astrology School chats with Steven about Career in the birth chart.

    How can astrology help you transcend your ego?


    Spiritual teachings are full of advice to transcend the ego, but astrology is about your ego. How can we reconcile this? Steven Forrest shares some thoughts in his latest installment of 20 Questions.

    Is Astrology a Religion?

    Why is it So Important to Have an Accurate Birth Time?

    Steven Accepts the 2018 Regulus Award for Astrology Education


    Steven Forrest accepts the 2018 Regulus Award for Education in Astrology

    Can You Do a Reading Without the Birth Time?

    What does it mean if I'm born on the cusp?

    Find Out if You're Really Born "On the Cusp"

    Consult one of the great astrologers Steven has personally trained.
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