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    Natal Astrology – Reading the Birthchart

    The following classes will teach you how to read the main symbols in the birth chart. Work through these courses in order in conjunction with reading The Inner Sky. You will learn to the building blocks of natal astrology: planets, signs and houses. You will also be introduced to the core philosophy of Forrest Astrology – the astrology of choice and free will.

    At this level your focus should be on mastering interpretation of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. Then begin to incorporate each of the main planets, their sign and house placements, and aspects.

    *Includes interpretation of transits and progressions in addition to natal. You may want to pause when Steven gets to timing and return to these sections after working through the Astrological Timing course suggestions.

    Download this list in printable pdf format checklist.


    Natal Astrology Special Topics

    • The Moon Workshop – This workshop introduces lesser-known techniques of working with the moon such as lunar phases. It does not include Moon in sign and house descriptions.