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    Seven Paws PressSeven Paws Press, Inc. is a boutique publisher specializing in in astrology, norse mythology and fiction. Browse the store to shop for our available book titles.

    FOR RETAIL CUSTOMERS: Our books may be ordered directly through our website, over the phone (760.767.4720) or by U.S. mail. Titles may also be ordered from most bookstores as well as online book retailers. Don’t forget to support your favorite local bookstore! If they don’t have our titles in stock, you can ask them to special order our books through Books in Print.

    FOR BOOK DEALERS: We accept direct orders from book dealers in the US. In general, the following wholesalers and distributors offer the best discounts: Baker & Taylor Books, New Leaf Distributing Company, Ingram, and Samuel Weiser / Red Wheel / Phoenix Book Distributors. Weiser can be reached at (800)-563-6050 (Weiser only carries our astrology titles).

    Canadian book dealers: Ingram, Weiser/Red Wheel/Phoenix
    European book dealers: Ingram

    Manuscript Submissions

    We accept manuscript submissions for consideration. We are mainly interested in astrology titles with an evolutionary or non-deterministic focus. Our publishing schedule is currently booked through Fall of 2017. To submit your manuscript, contact