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    Dawne K.
    United Kingdom


    I loved Steven Forrest’s presentation on JU/UR - his depth of knowledge and understanding of the way these two planetary energies interact for us all is outstanding. A true master of his art. Thank you.

    Judith E. Pavitt Magloire
    United States United States

    Jupiter Enters Taurus

    This a new way to study and understand astrology, translating symbolism into useful ways of thinking and living a happier and more meaningful life. Both the class and Q&A session were excellent.

    Terri E.
    Canada Canada

    Jupiter Enters Taurus

    Steven provided clarity for fundamental Taurus qualities (to listen to our bodies, cultivate simplicity/calm/peace, pay attention to our instinctual wisdom, etc.). With Jupiter to ask "How have I been underestimating myself? How have I settled with too little?". As well as how to find "glitter" of a Taurus nature, the gifts and challenges of Taurus and Jupiter, and going deeper into all of these topics. The House information was so beneficial with a deeper perspective of what to pay attention to. It was all presented in a clear, structured way with many gems of wisdom as Steven takes it all to the next level!

    A Forrest Astrology Customer
    Alex B.
    Romania Romania

    Steven it's like Jupiter himself talking

    Inner Sky was the book that instantly rose my understanding of astrology, as something full of hope, free of the rigid determinism I was used to it, while Yesterday Sky was the book that opened a world of possibilities and greatly enlarged my quest for the larger context of the soul’s mission. His lecture on Jupiter, and all the interviews available on the Internet embody his profoundly human and joyful approach on this infinitely delicate topic of soul evolution. I was thrilled that I had the chance to listen to my question answered during the Q&A session (thank you Steven for injecting me the faith in my power to psychoanalyse myself and others), and I found all the implications of Jupiter transiting Taurus he talked about as simultaneously on point and many doors opening. He is such a wonderful astrologer, one of whose warmth and love of humanity you can feel in everything he writes or speaks about. The title of this review came after I briefly checked his natal chart, right before putting down these thoughts, and no surprise: I found his Jupiter sits next to his Sun, which absorbs that generous and high level consciousness... his Jupiter ruling his 10th house Virgo Saturn conjunct the MC and forming a beautiful mutual reception with his 3rd house Aquarian Mercury and ruling his 8th house Gemini Uranus... his Jupiter ruling his Sagittarian Venus… This marked Jupiter signature is present and can be felt in all I saw, hear or read from him, hence the title of the review. Watching his lecture I took a capture of him, and, as he was dressed in a red shirt with a sky in the background, with all his humour, all his hope and faith in the power of the human soul and all his love of astrology, I thought “omg, he looks like a modern and playful god". I recommend reading his books more than once and attend as many in-person classes, because I can assure you it will be a rare encounter, a true “canon event”, as my first house Jupiter son teached me recently. I want to express here my Piscean gratitude for this Universe that brought us Steven. Love, Alex B, Bucharest, Romania

    Allison K.
    United States United States

    Jupiter enters Taurus and the Q&A

    Steven is the classic archetype of the Great Mentor/Teacher. He shares in a thoughtful and thorough way, but always leaving room for your own interpretations. He's wise and full of wonder, combining the Sage and the Pilgrim as all great mystics are! Thank you for all your wonderful books and your generous spirit. I know that I will watch this again and take more notes!

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