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    Elizabeth Michaud
    Salisbury, Massachusetts

    Loved it

    This material really helped me grasp the 12th house in terms that are down to earth. As someone with a Sun/Pluto conjunction in my 12th house, studying this topic has often made me feel furious or helpless. As usual, Steven gives a different spin that points to the higher ground of this energy.

    Carol N.
    United States

    12th House: Enlightenment and the Cosmic Blues

    Enjoyed the lecture. In the lecture, Steven referred to a handout on 12th house planets. Does one come with the lecture? It would be helpful to have supplemental materials on planets in the 12th house, as he only discusses 2 in the lecture.


    Forrest Astrology

    Hi Carol. This talk does come with a handout. It's included in the zip file and we've just emailed it to you. Glad you enjoyed the lecture.

    Katie C.
    United States

    12th House: Enlightenment and the Cosmic

    I enjoyed this class immensely. I have three planets in the 12th house and it has always intrigued me but I’ve never had it truly explained to me. However, I would have liked if Mr. Forrest would have explored more planets in the house like he did with Jupiter in Scorpio. He only spoke in depth about Saturn and Mars and a bit about Chiron. I would love to know more about Venus (which is in my chart) and Jupiter (my husbands) and Mercury etc. and see how they occupy the 12th house. Can he do a Part 2 of the 12th house?

    Adrienne K.
    United States

    Need more information on the planets in the 12th

    The part I heard was great but the most important part of the lecture for me was an explaining of the planets in the 12th. That is where my download ended. I complained several times that the download or maybe the lecture ended with Steven just starting the planets. It was very disappointing.