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    Briza h.
    United States United States
    I thank the heavens every day for these classes.

    I’m always looking for something that I could listen to and engage with as I’m doing things that I need to get done. For example. Laundry, organizing my make up, cleaning shelves, or vacuuming. (With head phones).. I usually have voice over on and I’m listening to astrology articles but it’s kind of inconvenient because I have to stop what I’m doing to click on something once an article is over.. When I came across one of Steven forest articles specifically the one about Neptune ingress into pisces, I really enjoyed the content. So as I’m cleaning I forgot which article it was , I was really bummed out.. even though I was really bummed out I knew that I would stumble across another one of his articles or at least I was hoping. . Sure enough. I came across an article about intercepting signs and that article just completely blew me away. I had to stop what I was doing and look him up. I started with this class because I think it’s important to get to know the author from the very most basic literature. Even though I knew about signs and houses I believed that I would be able to have even more of an understanding of what the heck he’s talking about My goal is to purchase every single class he has and I really enjoy listening to what he has to say about astrology. It feels like there is no pressure to know it all right away. Just to simply try to go along with the dance of how he interprets energies. It’s really lovely ❤️

    Amel L.
    Belgium Belgium
    Great Info as usual !

    I've enjoyed this video so much that I've bought immediately after all the books that I didn't had yet ! I can wait for the Book of Water and Air.. Steven Forrest is more than a great Astrologer he's also an amazing teacher and writer. I would have joined his certification program if I wasn't stuck in France..

    Nili m.
    Israel Israel
    Wonderful, helpful and necessary

    very insightful and wise, so inspiring. I recommend this to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge concerning astrology and human psychology. If you want to go beyond the obvious and superficial language of popular astrology, you will highly benefit from this beautiful talk. looking forward to more webinar's with Steven ! *** nili