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    Gilda D.
    South Africa South Africa
    Learning so much!

    I absorb so much when I listen to Stephen Forrest. His way of explaining this sky science just makes it stick. Not on;y do I learn more about astrology, I also gain so much insight into myself listening to Stephen.

    Charles A.
    United States
    Excellent insight into Saturn.

    I’ve read Steven Forrest’s books but this is the first lecture I’ve purchased. I really appreciated his personal, engaging manner. Besides his deep insight, he’s just a pleasure to listen to. I’m looking forward to more lectures in the future, as time permits.

    Puri R.
    United States
    Saturn in Capricorn

    I love it! Very real and down to earth, not fluffy at all. I have Saturn on the Asc - it’s hard - but like Steven said - work hard or be depressed!

    Gayle E.
    United States

    As an ascending Capricorn with Saturn conjunct my moon in Aquarius and my South node in Capricorn as well, I found this lecture very enlightening. I think I've learned the lessons of this sign, but it's good to have confirmation! I love Steven Forrest. I only study astrology now because someone gave "Inner Sky" to my mother and she left it on her coffee table. I never thought about astrology before and I've been studying evolutionary astrology on my own ever since. Maybe apprenticeship is next! Thank you!

    Jane U.
    United Kingdom
    Spot on

    Steven talks and I am transported into the Cosmos. This man makes astrology come alive for me. This helped me to understand why it’s important to make a friend of Saturn and how to use Saturn to help you grow.