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    Marni S.
    United States
    Really interesting and actionable

    I used the concepts/process on my chart and then immediately used it during my next readings. Of course I didn’t go in-depth, but the process makes complete sense and is easy to follow. Thank you!

    Judith P.
    United States United States
    Listen as Cookbook becomes Cusine

    It's a fine line to walk between getting lost in grounding symbol descriptions and conveying purposeful synthesis. Steven does it brilliantly (and with charm). More plainly put--I read his books, but I also listen to his recordings, because there's something more his voice conveys to me. This recording, above all the others I've listening to so far, let me see clearly how a static natal chart can be a interactive tool with and for a living adult. Not just for an astrologer with a client, but in my understanding of my own chart. If I understand aright, his shift is from individual students to leaving a legacy of his knowledge, and the element series is a gift. That said, I can't help wishing I could relax on a porch with Steven and chat.

    Catherine L.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Amazing and helpful

    Great as always - a master and a soul poet

    Tippy G.
    Italy Italy
    The best

    Thereisn'tmuchtosaybeside thatStephen Forrest is an amazing teacher.

    Laurie R.
    Canada Canada
    Speed Reading the Karmic Signature - Excellent!

    Great info that dovetails with Steven’s other Karma webinars. Plus learning about his book that I didn’t know I didn’t have (on its way to me now) & it will assist me to SEE the darker sides of the Signs & Planets etc, to SEE the Karmic Story in the Chart Behind the Chart! Thank you Steven - you rock!

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