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    Sharon M.
    United States

    I would have liked a more personalized report

    I realize that would be difficult, given that there are so many variations, when you combine sign and house position. I had hoped to find some hint for a new direction in life. But as it stands, I didn't get much to work with.Perhaps you could create a more personalized report, similar to others available through (the former) Matrix (currently Kepler).


    Forrest Astrology

    Sorry you were disappointed. But I think the problem here was one of expectations. This is a lecture for people learning how to become astrologers or those learning how to understand their own birth chart. It sounds like you were looking for information for your own use and personal growth - the kind that would be given in a reading. Steven's normal way of teaching encourages students to learn how to think for themselves creatively, so he typically will provide some small number of possible delineations - house or sign placements or aspects - but not every possible configuration. When you're looking for specific info on your own chart, it's always better to book a reading with an astrologer who can take in the chart as a whole. Here's a list of folks trained by Steven: https://www.forrestastrology.com/blogs/trained-astrologers And you might also enjoy reading Yesterday's Sky, which includes some "cookbook" style descriptions of each nodal placement. Though again, there's no substitute for a reading. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Take care, Tony

    Beth G.
    United States

    Well Worth Having!

    I was very glad to have it to expand upon insight in “Yesterday’s Sky.” Clear and easy to follow. Thank you!

    sonja C.
    United States

    A ha understanding atlast!

    Wonderful. I read through is in one sitting and will keep as reference for much return. It was so helpful to understand and visually picture the dyads used in n. Node astrology. I love the symetry of learning this. Stephen's very accessible anecdotes were also helpful for me. I have been putting pieces of my birth chart together for many years...and this really helped me to see a much larger picture. While ive known of thr n node i havent heard it explained this way before. Im excited tonlearn more. There is a forrest studied astrologer in my small community who referred mento the website. I chose thentranscript on my own. Nearly broke, i still found itnwell worth the cost as its a timeless reference for me. Thank you.

    Antoinette G.

    The North Node

    I loved it. It really helps to focus on the remedy and the written transcript is a great reminder for when we forget that remedy.