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    Olivier C.
    France France
    Half satisfying

    I am a great fan of Steven Forrest. I love his books. I found this video interesting, but very short and way too expensive for what it is. Most videos today are much cheaper than that, for that quality. In comparison, Sky Log is extremely cheap and of very high quality. For this price, I won’t be watching any more videos : I’ll stick to books only.

    benita w.
    Ireland Ireland
    LOVE THIS! Listened over and over.

    The Second Saturn Return video is amazing. I have listened over and over and have been preparing for the exact transit for a couple years, and was recommended to Steven by a very close astrologer friend. This is the best explanation and practical tools I have found. Thank you!!!

    Regina M.
    Brazil Brazil
    Second Saturn Return

    Mr. Forest is a great astrologist and the content is very good. My comments are on the format of the video. There could be some images or graphics to ilustraste the material and make it more modern and nicer to see.

    Alba W.
    United States United States
    So helpful

    Totally loved it

    MaryJene H.
    United States

    It would help to get this review request right after listening to the video. By now, i remember that it was disappointing and that i didn’t learn much. But, i can’t give any advice or help because too much time has past. I remember it being folksy with personal stories, but no solid information.

    Forrest Astrology

    Hi Mary-Jene. Sorry you were disappointed. We send out reviews 2 weeks after a purchase so that people have plenty of time to review them. Take care.

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