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    Angela P.
    Auckland, New Zealand

    I have 40 years involvement with Astrology... I found this book the deepest, clearest and most poetic introduction to Natal Astrology there is... Exquisite reading.

    Sandra I.
    To be added to the MUST HAVE astrological library!

    Even though I have been studying astrology for 30 years now, I still refer to this book. It is a treasure in my library! I had an original copy but gave it away (always happens) and have now purchased a couple more copies for the next time I give one away (that way I’ll still have my own copy). When there has been only one book that I had to choose to bring to the attention of one that wanted like to deepen their knowledge of astrology, this book has been it. Steven Forrest is brilliant!

    Dayle B.
    The Inner Sky

    I've just received my copy of The Inner Sky and wow, was delivery to Australia fast!! Had the book in my hot little hands in under 2 weeks!! I love the format of the book, simple, easy to read and comprehend. A map of the signs, planets and houses to navigate the conduits of astrology. I'm drinking it in and loving it. Dayle

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