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    Kira K.
    Germany Germany

    Book of Water

    Like all the books of the elements, this is a precious gift to the astrological community! These four books of the elements create a heritage, that one can go back to again and again. I cannot recommend enough! Practical and useful for all levels of astrological knowledge, beginners and professionals alike.

    Nicholas B.
    United States United States

    A New Look at Chiron

    Steven is always an entertaining teacher, and this talk is no different. It is funny, erudite, and thoughtful. As I remember the talk, it seems to focus on Chiron in contrast to Pluto, and he offers his perspective on that. As other reviewers have already commented, it is a talk that chooses to not look at specifics. That might be a dealbreaker for some of you. I must admit I am not completely sold on what Steven was selling here. I am not saying I disagree, but I remain unconvinced, but respect him enough to not reject his perspective out of hand. If you are wanting some teaching to help with using Chiron in your readings perhaps there is more detailed resources out there, that would be more satisfying and informative.

    Pamela H.
    United States

    Steven is excellent , as always... I was expecting a bit more specific information with examples. I'm used to his being very good with examples in sign and house of planets he discusses.

    I learn something from every lecture I hear Steven give...This was no exception!

    Puri R.
    United States

    A new look on Chiron

    It wasn't what I thought. I thought that he was going to look at Chiron through each sign. But I learned something that resonated with me: The wound is there Healing is not guaranteed

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