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    2012 & Cosmos Interview by Lyn Goldberg

    Join Lyn Goldberg and Steven Forrest as we explore how to effectively move through the turbulent times before us. Intentional transits give us the knowledge needed to choose a path through the obstacles that surround us. Knowing when to look inside for resistance can change breaking points to breakthrough points.

    Phases of the Moon Podcast

    Steven Forrest talks with Kent Bye about the phases of the moon in this podcast.

    First Steps Reading Natal Charts

    In this exclusive free audio download, astrologer Steven Forrest explains the first steps to take when reading birth charts using the unique lens of evolutionary astrology.

    Astrology and Authenticity Podcast

    In this episode of the Authentic Living podcast with Andrea Mathews, Steven Forrest shares how we might use astrology to help us discover, challenge and encourage our own authenticity.

    Neptune in Pisces Podcast

    Interview with Steven Forrest about Neptune in Pisces.

    From the Exploring Astrology podcast with Adam Sommer.

    Neptune Enters Aquarius

    Enjoy this free archival recording of a lecture with Steven Forrest on the ingress of Neptune into Aquarius.

    Recorded live at the Oregon Astrology Association in 1997.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3: