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In this pre-recorded webinar, Steven explains his approach to rulerships.

The most reliable way I know to start a fight at an astrological gathering is to feign innocence and ask the group, “what planet rules Aquarius—I forget?” You’ll soon have modern partisans for Uranus duking it out with traditionalists who still support Saturn. The argument is silly and it stems ultimately from the unfortunate word, “rules,” which seems to imply that either Uranus or Saturn gets to tell Aquarius what to do—dangerous business for any planet! The real key is not about control or authority; rather, it is simply about affinity or resonance between certain planets and certain signs. And both Saturn and Uranus resonate with Aquarius.

Understanding these resonances is as basic to astrology as DNA is to your cells. They tie the chart together. What does it mean if Aquarius is on your 3rd House cusp, with a conjunction of Uranus and Saturn in Gemini in your 6th House? Why is that such a different beast than having that same conjunction in the 7th House? And what do we do about Chiron and Eris and these other astrological newcomers? How will they affect our understanding of this ancient astrological idea?

Pre-recorded webinar | 2 hrs. 7 min. mp4 video download | Includes pdf slideshow

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