Conscious Sun Signs CD



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Sun Sign astrology with Steven Forrest, CD set. 2 hrs. 20 min.

Sun signs -- being "a Taurus" or "a Leo" -- don’t get a lot of respect among serious astrologers. In fact, they don’t get much respect among people with brains in their heads either! But there is a lot more to them than silly formulas, such as "Scorpios are sexy" or "Geminis talk too much." The Zodiac is an ancient mandala every bit as rich and deep and complex as the Kaballah, the I-Ching, or the system of chakras. Each Sun sign represents a particular soul contract. Once we understand what kind of deal we made with the Universe at our first breath, our lives can unfold with far greater harmony, sanity, and vitality. No special astrological knowledge is necessary for understanding this talk. All you need is to know your birthday. 2 hrs. 20 min. CD set.

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