The Book of Pluto

The Book of PlutoSteven Forrest tackles this planet of intensity with his wit, wisdom, and compassion. He interprets Pluto through the house, sign, and aspect (both in natal charts and current positions) with great sensitivity, incredible honesty, and his wonderfully literate style. Steven covers people's "navigational errors" and wounding scenarios with Pluto. We descend into hell and get a glimpse of heaven in this book. He discusses both darkness and shadow as well as inspiration and saving grace. Case examples (including Joan of Arc and Eric Clapton) round out this comprehensive survey of Pluto. Written for the general audience, this easily understood book also offers a rich tapestry of insights for the professional.

"The Book of Pluto is, above all, a courageous endeavor...This is a subject area that many people would prefer to sweep under the carpet...Without sounding preachy or self-righteous, Forrest has brought a moral compass to astrology. His spiritual messages permeate the detailed descriptions of Pluto, making him not only a premier astrologer, but also a wise man."
-- Chris Lorenz, Dell's HOROSCOPE

"This book is scary as Chernobyl and as utterly beautiful as a summer night sky..." -- Michael Lutin, astro-columnist for American Airlines

"I find Forrest's books all have a magical quality, and this one is no exception. In fact, I found it downright holy, reminding me of the best that astrology can be: spiritually grounded in the reality of life, and not simply one more religion that attempts to transcend it."
-- Karin Stokkink, East Bay (Berkeley CA) Astrology Group newsletter

"Steven Forrest's writing in The Book of Pluto is so good and riveting it's scary...Steven is a master storyteller - the Ernest Hemingway of astrologers - and you will be transformed during and after this visit to Pluto's realm of enchantment, soul purpose and spiritual power. The instant classic on distant Pluto has finally arrived on earth."

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