The Rhymer and the Ravens Critical Acclaim


"The best historical fantasy I've ever read. Forrest writes lyrically, descriptively and with a sword's deft touch. Her characters--be they Vikings, Elf Queens or ancient rulers--are eminently believable."
-- Poppy Z. Brite, author of Lost Souls; Drawing Blood; and Exquisite Corpse

"Her writing is rich, lyrical, intricate; her books are a treasure."
-- R.A. MacAvoy, author of The Book of Kells; Tea with the Black Dragon, The Grey Horse, and the Damiano trilogy

"Open this book at your peril, for it will sweep you into Elfland. More than good historical fantasy, it is an insight-laden shipful of magic. The mythic material goes beyond a scholar's recontruction to the dreaming lands where terrible and dangerous myths walk beneath the sunless Elfin skies. The power flows, strong and undiluted; the shadow only serves to accentuate the light."
-- Erin Lale, for Berserkrgangr

"Should certainly be read by anyone interested in High Fantasy or mythologically-based fantasy. Makes the ninth century come alive, full of historical detail and cultural implication. This book should be on the shelf with Kushner's and Jones's treatments of the Rhymer's story, as well as such Celtic/Christian conflicts as Bradley's The Mists of Avalon." -- C.W. Sullivan III, for The Science Fiction Research Association Review

"A historical fantasy that fires the blood. An extraordinary look into the realms of Celtic and Norse Elves, gods and other elemental creatures.Truly high fantasy at its best!" -- Harold Marcum, for The National Fantasy Fan

"Fantasy? Maybe that's the genre, but not the experience of reading this absorbing book that opens the gates between realities to engage you in the lives of characters on various sides of the veils. Forrest weaves her well-crafted tale with the passion of the poet and the cool perception of the observer. I highly recommend it...with a warning label: you may never walk through a forest again without wondering who is watching."
-- Gloria Karpinski, author of Where Two Worlds Touch, and Barefoot on Holy Ground

"The language is like crystal: perfectly clear, transparent, sparkling with light. But what grows, as the tale develops, is the wisdom, knowledge and love under, among and within--one with--this crystalline surface. Such a powerful telling. Touches great subtle chords, and (the fingering) is sure."
-- Steve Lautermilch, author of The Little Hours and The Meaning of No

"The real thing: characters I cared about, a page-turner of a story, and world-building at its best--an enigmatic and troubled world I sank into thoroughly. The history is as real as it needs to be, threaded through, as history always is, with legend." -- Joyce Allen, for The Herald-Sun, Durham, NC

"(Forrest is) a natural storyteller, for whom the veils between the worlds are transparent."
-- Renewal, Melbourne, Australia

"A cohesive psychic technology unfolds... Exposes the weave between the metaphysical and the mythical." -- Antero Alli, author (Astrologik; The Vertical Oracle), filmmaker (Drivetime; Requiem for a Friend)

"Jodie Forrest waits for us at Hecate's crossroads. Encircled with the blackness of wings. Feeding us from enchantment, mythology and wonder. Enjoy..."
-- Michael Rank, songwriter, Mammoth/Atlantic recording artist (solo and with "Clarissa.")

"A delightful blend of magic and fantasy, with quite real characters who have timeless issues."
-- Maria K. Sims, president, ACS Publications; author of Your Magical Child and The Witch's Circle.

"A bardic quest of high order, expanding on the legend of Thomas the Rhymer and beautifully interfacing Norse and Celtic mythology. Very well done and highly recommended."
-- Prudence Priest, for Yggdrasil

"A really good read. Lyrical writing...weaves wonders of magical and mystical realms..."
-- Evolving Times, Sacramento, CA

"A considerable achievement..." -- The Spectator, Raleigh, NC

A beautiful book full of magic, mystery & wonder. Intrigues the mind while enchanting the senses."
-- Meg Switzgable, Emmy and Academy Award-nominated director


* "A marvelous story that sweeps you right along."

* "I'd planned to read a few chapters before falling asleep, but ended up reading till 3:00 a.m. and finishing the book the next day."

* "Have sacrificed sleep to immerse myself in this wonderful story.

* "The words transport me to experience what the characters experience. I felt as if something was moving or changing inside me as I read."

* "Given me a new outlook on life and assisted me in finding a path that is mine."

* "The book seems to have changed my life in some ways. I seem to be speaking my truth more firmly and consistently...other changes are less expressible."

* "I kept crying when I read it. Something in it touches to the core of my heart. It is important."

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