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    Blog — 13th Sign

    Is There a 13th Sign in the Zodiac?

    Is There a 13th Sign in the Zodiac?

    by Steven Forrest

    I keep seeing damaging, stupid, evilly-intended misinformation all over the internet about how astrology is wrong, with the idea that "you were not born under the sign you think you were" because there is a "13th sign." Astrology is sacred and this kind of fake news can cut people off from the help astrology offers. That's why I feel so strongly about this.

    The story is bogus. It gets circulated every year or so too, even though many Western astrologers have refuted it. It’s based on a total misunderstanding of the basis of astrology, and the authors never both to fact-check their "information" with professional astrologers.

    So here's what they're missing. You hear "Aries" and of course think of the CONSTELLATION Aries in the sky. But when Western astrologers tell you that you were born under the sign Aries, that is not what they mean. Instead, Aries begins exactly where the Sun is on the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. The confusion today stems from the fact that a few thousand years ago, that point WAS in the constellation Aries. Not anymore! There is a slow 26,000 year shift in the position of the Equinox and enough time has gone by that the constellation Aries no longer aligns with the season Aries.

    In a nutshell, Western astrology is based on the seasons, not the constellations. And because of that, the constellations can continue to shift, and there will never be a 13th sign - in Western astrology anyway! So don't worry, you're not an Ophiucus. But if you want to hear some interesting thoughts about why Ophiucus is "in the news," check out Demetra George's lecture "Ophiucus and the Galactic Center."