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    Blog — reincarnation

    Astrology, Astrologers and Reincarnation

    Astrology, Astrologers and Reincarnation

    by Steven Forrest

    The August 2018 edition of Ed Snow’s wonderful Astrology News Service revealed the results of a survey he had conducted among members of the astrology organizations. It turns out that 68.5% of the five hundred astrologers he surveyed accepted the idea of reincarnation, while only a tiny 12% disagreed with the idea.

    That so many of us practicing this craft believe in prior lifetimes came as a big surprise to me. Reincarnation is of course fundamental to evolutionary astrology. But, while it is increasingly popular, evolutionary astrology is still a minority voice in the larger context of our profession. I would have imagined that far fewer astrologers were concerned with who they or their clients were in their past lives. But more than two-thirds of us do.

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