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    Blog — Sagittarius

    Jupiter Entering Sagittarius

    Jupiter Entering Sagittarius

    by Steven Forrest

    Jupiter is in Sagittarius now and it will stay there until December 2, 2019. Since Jupiter “rules” that sign – and also famously has dominion over Lady Luck – there’s a pervasive tendency among astrologers to view this as an innately wondrous thing, as if all of us can expect an avalanche of winning lottery numbers, true love, and weight loss. 

    Fear not:  we are not going to say the opposite! But this big Jupiter event does offer us a chance to think some deeper thoughts about what it means for any planet, and Jupiter in particular, to be “in its own sign.”

    Here’s the simplest way to say it:  when a planet passes through a sign that it rules, it does not become “better;” it just becomes stronger.  The good or bad of it depends, as ever, on how you use that energy rather than on the configuration itself. In that rulership situation, it is as if you are cutting a piece of wood with a hand saw. When you are cutting across the grain, it’s hard work. When you are cutting along the natural lines of the grain, it’s much easier.  The lay of the grain and the direction of your efforts are in alignment. 

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