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November 2013 Newsletter

Astrology in China

The Rising Tide

by Steven Forrest

As I write these words, I am sitting in a hotel in Beijing, China. I am about to teach the second day in the first of a pair of seminars I am offering here. I’ve got about forty students. Many are now friends and familiar faces from my previous visits to this country. When I was a kid, I thought China was another planet. Times change: The concerns of my students here are not so different from those of people in my classes in America, or anywhere. And maybe I am not so different from them either: For one thing, I ate breakfast with chopsticks this morning! I did that while reading about the US government shutdown on my Android smart phone. When I was a kid, if I had seen a picture of my future self holding a smart phone, I would have thought Star Trek had come true. To say I am living a life that my grandparents could not have imagined understates it. I am living a life that I myself could not have imagined not so long ago. And nowadays “not so long ago” might as well mean the Late Jurassic. That’s true for me, and also for my Chinese friends and students.

It’s a brand new day—and here we are in the middle of its birth-pangs with yet another Uranus-Pluto square upon us. The fourth exact one in the series of seven occurs on November 1. Everywhere look we can see stuckness, anger, and intransigence in abundance, as any astrologer would have predicted. Societies teeter on the brink of self-created chaos, driven by ego and self-righteous certainty. I have spoken about the current Uranus-Pluto square before. If you’d like a refresher, Steven Forrest you can check it out this video we recorded a while back: “The Uranus Pluto Squares, 2010-2016.”

Today I’d like to shift gears and look towards the big picture by sharing a new article about the much longer cycle of the Age of Aquarius.

-Steven Forrest

Aquarius Rising - The Dawn of a New Age?

by Steven Forrest

As I think about the state of change we find ourselves in at this particular moment in history, I’m drawn to step back and take a bigger view. I want to enter the controversial territory of The Age of Aquarius. The energetic shifts it embodies casts long shadows over all contemporary events and all the various paradigm mutations we are experiencing. I call this territory controversial because while there are many astrologers who say we are already in the Aquarian Age, there are others who claim it is still four centuries away. As is often the case, there is a lot of intellectual posturing, and behind it, quite a mountain of ignorance. The reality is that these Ages are not precisely definable, unlike timing the squares of Uranus and Pluto where we can count on the exact clockwork of the cosmos to guide us. Following is an explanation of how it works and why it is subject to so many interpretations.

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Retrograde Alert

You probably know that we're in the middle of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio as we speak. But have you looked at the ephemeris lately? We're also at the start of a long cycle of important retrogrades that will last through the middle of next year! Here are the dates:

Mercury Retrograde Oct. 20-Nov. 11, 2013

Jupiter Retrograde Nov. 7, 2013-Mar 6, 2014

Venus Retrograde Dec. 22, 2013-Feb. 1, 2014

Mercury Retrograde Feb. 7-Mar. 1, 2014

Mars Retrograde Mar. 2-May 20, 2014

Mercury Retrograde Jun. 7-Jul. 2, 2014

Phew! That's a lot of revising, revisioning, revaluing, rebranding, and redirecting. Are you ready?

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